Git Workflow

Just a draft version – for quick review purpose.

Step 1: Fork your version of the repo online using this guideline.

Step 2: On your terminal, cd into your directory delegated for projects.

$ git clone

Step 3: Clone repository. This can be found on the cloned GitHub repo under the section called HTTPS Clone URL on your right pane.


$ git remote add upstream

Step 4: Setup the upstream (central-repository from where you have forked), the original repository’s clone URL needs to be known. Now, you’re synced.

$ git pull upstream

Step 5: Fetch updated changes from your central-repository.

$ git checkout -b new-branch

Step 6: Create a new branch, for a specific feature you’re going to work on. This ensures no conflict during merge process when someone else tries to work on the master branch.

//Make changes to files using your favorite editor – vim, emacs, sublime-text

$ git add –all

$ git commit -m “Appropriate commit message”

$ git push origin new-branch

Step 7: Work on the changes. Add, commit and push the changes to the origin (YOUR_FORK) repository from the new-branch. Note that the new-branch exists only on your local machine and only after the push is successful, the changes are reflected.

Step 8: Now go to from your browser and then click on “Compare and Review” to create a PR (Pull Request) from your fork to the upstream (central-repository).

If all goes well your PR gets merged else, come back to this post and start from Step 6.



Mozilla Booth at VIT’s Android Amaze, 2015 [#MozMonth]

Continuing with my MozMonth activities, here’s a post on the third of four events I conducted during a 4 week period from Feb 21 – March 21.

 21st of March – Mozilla Booth at VIT, Chennai 

It’s been quite some time from my previous post, was caught up in the maze called life. From maze, let’ move on to Amaze! At first I was skeptical about the “Android” Amaze event, considering how Mozilla is setting up a stall at a Google run event. Only to realize later on that in Chennai, the scene is completely different. GDG Chennai and the Mozilla Community here – are pretty well connected. Here’s a picture proving the point,

Google & Mozilla

Google & Mozilla

I also learnt here that the GDG Chennai had also contributed in Maker Party Chennai during the previous year. Now, isn’t that wonderful? A marriage of sorts, if I may say so! I truly wish all the other local communities get some inspired from the folks at Chennai.

Talking about folks, let’s see who we have here!

Marketplace Reviewer indeed!

Marketplace Reviewer indeed!

Also called the igniter of clubs across Chennai, we have our very own Marketplace reviewer and Mozilla rep, Viswa anna (as he’s popularly called) who not only took me on my first shared auto ride in Chennai but also motivated me when things got rough. I’d really give it to him – haven’t seen anybody else with such patience.


Achyuth and me

Achyuth and me


And then you have the guy who can (trust me) never, ever bore you. No prizes for guessing, Achyuth indeed! Basically did a lot of scouting around the venue with him till the stalls were set up. Got to know the awesome hands behind the Mozilla Chennai community. He helped me understand what works and does not work in Chennai. Thanks for being my cicerone, Achyuth! And he was great at it.

The event said it was a hackathon, but it wasn’t like any of the ones I’d been to before. It was completely different. First off, it was set in an open field (probably to accommodate huge crowds) and second thing, no Pizza! Truly, the second missing detail was a huge turn off.

Despite all that, hackers continued to work on their amazing hacks – and yes they did make it to the record books for the largest number of hackers at one single venue.

Hackers at work

Hackers at work

After a huge amount of hue and cry, we finally got our stall up. The highlight of the whole event is the amount of recognition the Firefox OS phone received even before we started to talk about it. Yes, the genie (like they say) was already out of the bottle!  They knew how much the Intex version costed, a couple of them had already seen the phone – which was totally overwhelming for all of us.
And still there were those who were uninitiated and we dis the honors – talking to over 200 people continuously for over 2 hours. We did that!


Discussions ranged from Firefox, the browser to as simple as “Do you get paid?”, (to which the answer is no by the way) to web development to gecko to b2g to gps locators on buses – what not!? On the whole, I could say that it was a balanced piece.

The Amazing Mozilla Chennai community

The Amazing Mozilla Chennai community


And here they are, in action:

Excited audience buzzing us

Excited audience buzzing us



  • VIswaprasath – that’s all we needed 😉
  • Find the complete photo bucket here


  • Prior intimation is definitely a key to putting up a good stall
  • Brand recognition is a plus
  • Knowledge base of the people manning the stall is important to answer questions
  • Mozilla Chennai is one of the fastest growing communities and needs to be molded